We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, all meals are essential, but breakfast is the one we tend to neglect. Some skip breakfast altogether, while others eat the same things over and over again. Is it because that’s when we have the least time to cook? Or is it because we lack the basic skills required to make a decent morning meal? Probably a bit of both.

Breakfast 101

There are two ways we can give breakfast the attention it deserves. We can work on our time management skills, especially if we’re parents, and we can learn the ABC of making breakfast. The Kitchn‘s Faith Durand has decided to focus on the latter. In a recent article, she provides 10 breakfast survival skills everyone ought to know:

1. Baking, boiling, and scrambling an egg.
2. Cooking bacon anywhere, anyhow.
3. Brewing awesome coffee.
4. Making delicious oatmeal.
5. Baking sweet or savory muffins.
6. Developing your own custom granola blend.
7. Mastering French toast, pancakes or waffles.
8. Preparing make-ahead breakfasts.
9. DIYing one of your breakfast basics.
10. Baking a special brunch dish.

SOURCE:  The Kitchn

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