No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, you cannot “get everything done”. Mission impossible. Especially if you’re a parent. But you can get a lot done, mostly everything, as long as you get your priorities straight and organize your time very efficiently.

That’s exactly how Dr. Magdalena Battles keeps her head above water. Imagine that in addition to being an author and psychologist, she is a mother of three small children and volunteers in her community and her church. Yet, she doesn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed. That’s because of the time management skills she honed over the years.

Today, she shares some of these skills in an article published on Lifehack. Here are a few highlights:

1. Know Your Hierarchy of Importance

It becomes easier to say “no” to activities when you have clearly defined values. Your obligation in life is to uphold those values and doing so will make you a happier person and better parent in the long run.

2. Limit Extra Curricular Activities

If you value family and you want your children to develop strong family bonds with one another, it becomes challenging to make that happen when you have everyone in the family going in a different direction each night of the week.

3. Keep an Organized Home

Your home does not need to be perfectly well kept. Nobody has time for that. However, if you have an organized household you will find that life runs so much more smoothly.

4. Let Go of Perfect

Trying to be perfect takes far too much time and energy. Sometimes getting the job done just good enough is all that is needed.

5. Delegate

For every chore that another person in the household completes, which you used to do, is more time for you to do something else. Freeing up time is a gift to yourself.

6. Routines are a Must

If you have a daily schedule that is regular and consistent you will find that your household runs more smoothly and efficiently.

7. Work as Though Everything was Urgent

Setting the time limit and expectation with what exactly I plan to complete in that time limit gets me moving with urgency so that the job gets done efficiently.

8. Gourmet Meals are Taking a Break

Most kids don’t appreciate gourmet anyway, so why waste the time, energy, or money. Our meals are quick, easy, and kid friendly.

9. Be Honest about Time Waste

Learn to take advantage of waiting time. (…) Make sure you have a plan for how to wisely use that time, so it is not wasted.

10. Keep To-Do Lists and a Calendar

Things in life often don’t get done simply because they are forgotten. Life is full of a flurry of daily activities. We can only concentrate on what is in front of us.

SOURCE:  Lifehack

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