Let’s do the math. How many text messages do you send, on average, per day? Per week? Per month? Per year? There’s a chance you have no clue about the volume of texts you exchange back and forth via Messages and Messenger. Or about the time spent doing so. But it’s probably significant, so any tips to text more efficiently would be more than welcome, right?

Texting like a pro

That’s what radio host and tech guru Kim Komando set out to do in her recent article on Fox News.com. She provides 12 useful tips that will help you communicate faster, reduce data usage, stop annoying notifications, and prevent mistakes:

1. Reply directly from a notification
2. Use 3D Touch for quick replies
3. Know how to copy and forward (on Messenger)
4. Share your location with a tap
5. Save data
6. Stop irritating alerts
7. Silence maddening group messages
8. Make it harder to respond to the wrong message
9. Know who texts without looking at your phone
10. Block and silence the annoying ones
11. Hide embarrassing notification previews
12. Use an audio alternative to long texts

SOURCE:  Fox News

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