Have you ever replaced appliances or electronics that you could have just reset? Or hired a professional to fix something that, in hindsight, was fairly easy to do?

Probably, like most people. There’s a good chance that, at least once in your life, you’ve wasted precious money when a simple trick and a little bit of elbow grease would have done the trick.

DIY your way to a better home

Often you can fix the problem using a basic tool kit that includes little more than a screwdriver and a willingness to try something new,” says Vice’s GinaRagusa. In a recent post, she presents 13 of those common home repairs that anybody – yes, anybody – can take care of:

  1. Make your door “unsqueaky” by rubbing a bar of soap
  2. Check the circuit breaker in case of malfunctioning outlets
  3. Adjust your refrigerator temperature knob
  4. Clean a gas burner to restore functionality
  5. Re-caulk your shower
  6. Unclog your sink with a coat hanger
  7. Restore shower pressure using vinegar
  8. Patch a small hole in a wall
  9. Repair a torn window screen using clear nail polish
  10. Remove a stripped screw
  11. Fix a loose doorknob or a door that won’t close properly
  12. Apply plastic film on a drafty window
  13. Reset your garbage disposal

To know exactly what to do, take a look at Vice’s article.


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