The kitchen is the heart and center of the house, but it gets dirty quickly. This is the disadvantage of cooking at home! If neglected, the kitchen can look like a battlefield in no time.

To avoid that, consider kitchen maintenance as an ongoing task. Forget weekend cleaning marathons, and think small steps. Quick, easy tasks that – here’s the best part – you can perform while cooking or baking.

Of course, you can’t do much when you’re busy stirring, mixing or grilling. But you do have some downtime for low-involvement chores that can be interrupted at a moment’s notice if need be.

Wiping, sweeping, organizing

Lifehacker has drafted a list of simple jobs you can do as you wait. You can handle one or two of these tasks today, a couple more tomorrow, and so on. Take a look at their article to find ideas of what you can wash, put away, scrub or rearrange between steps of a recipe.

SOURCE:  Lifehacker

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