Balancing work and personal life is a challenge for many people. Is it possible to have a successful career while having a fulfilling life outside the office? Can you be both an efficient employee, an attentive parent and an available friend without sacrificing anything? Can you shine at work without putting in insane hours?

Yes, totally, according to The Muse writer Abby Wolfe. “You can be the apple of your manager’s eye even if you don’t make working overtime a habit. Provided of course that when you’re in the office, you’re kicking ass, completing everything assigned, and turning it on time.” The times have changed in the workplace, for the better.

Work better, not more

Today, an increasing number of bosses don’t consider working 60-70 hours a week as dedication. They see it as inefficiency. To this new generation of employers, professional success is measured by the results obtained, not by the efforts made. If you meet or exceed your objectives in less time, you’ll earn their respect. But how can you pull this off? The Muse recommends adopting three new habits:

1. Stay engaged;
2. Know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No”;
3. Check in with your boss regularly.

SOURCE:  The Muse

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