You may think summer has not even faded away; however, don’t forget that fall is not far away. You can save time, stress and cash when winter finally arrives if you perform some simple maintenance chores this autumn. Let’s examine 4 ways you can do this.


Ensure you clean your gutters properly right after the leaves stop falling. Although gutters have nothing to do with ice dams, they can worsen the problem when they become clogged. So, clean them so they can collect roof drainage and take it far away from your home.

Heating System

If you have steam heat, ensure you drain some water out of the low water cutoff valve on the steam boiler. Do this every two weeks during the heating season.


Try to drain the water heater once in a month. It would improve the longevity and efficiency of the water heater, keeping your water cleaner.


Have your fireplace/wood stove flue professionally inspected and cleaned every season. Also, try to keep the fireplace damper closed when it’s not in use.

To find out more autumn maintenance chores, take a look at Forbes’ article.

SOURCE:  Forbes

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