Flu season is upon us. It may be THE virus you want to avoid most during the winter. The flu can leave you feeling disgusting, confine you to your bed for several days, and then cause intense fatigue for weeks. Even if we can’t totally avoid it, there are some very simple ways to keep it away, courtesy of CNet.

Simple routines to reduce the risk of getting the flu

  1. Always wash your hands
  2. Disinfect the spots you are most in contact with
  3. Wipe down neglected surfaces
  4. Clean your cell phone
  5. Wash your sheets and towels often

Light switches, door knobs, TV remotes, the refrigerator handle, your computer mouse. All of these high-traffic places in your home and office are touched several times a day and are likely teeming with germs.

Get ahead of the flu season this year by cleaning your house and work space, making them germ-free for both you, your family and your coworkers. It’s a step in the right direction.

To find out what the most neglected surfaces are, and how often you should clean your sheets and towels, take a look at CNet’s recent post.


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