So you’ve decided to take a break from the harsh northern climate by flying off to a tropical destination. Excellent decision! Sand, rays, cocktails, and music can do wonders to chase the winter blues away.

Pack right, pack light

Plane tickets, check. Hotel reservation, check. Travel insurance, check. Now comes the time to pack your luggage for this much-needed getaway. No big deal, right? Well, to do things right, you need a bit of preparation.

You’ve got to plan carefully, and pick exactly the right items to make sure your look doesn’t fall apart while you’re taking it easy.

The perfect suitcase carries a versatile selection of clothing items. You want to look your best while keeping your luggage light. To help make the right choices, Esquire asked designer Todd Snyder to share his best tips. Essentially, he recommends men to:

  • keep it tonal;
  • rely on white jeans;
  • always have a third piece;
  • not feel obliged to wear collared shirts;
  • not bring too many clothes;
  • know their audience.

SOURCE:  Esquire

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