Traditional wine and food pairings seem a little too restrictive for you? You’d like to steer away from the conventional red wine with red meat and white wine with poultry, fish and seafood? But you’re afraid of making a faux pas, and ruining a succulent dinner with an unwise choice of wine.

Follow the guide to find out how to safely think outside the box.

Red, white and you

Your guide is sommelier Victoria James, who works at a Michelin star steakhouse in New York City. In a recent article in Esquire, she explains how you can please your palate – and your guests’ – by:

  • serving red wine with chicken;
  • not limiting yourself to white wine with fish;
  • accompanying a steak with a refreshing red or even with Champagne;
  • complementing a salad with a rosé;
  • pairing reds with your bread basket;
  • not overwhelming your mushroom dishes;
  • opting for creamy whites with hummus.

SOURCE:  Esquire

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