Are you moving soon? Have you already started packing? Are you already exhausted? Have you planned your pizza-to-drink ratio for the family and friends who will come help you?

To avoid unpleasant surprises and stress, you need a minimum of planning and preparation. It’s better to put the odds on your side and smooth out any difficulties that you can control. Get started with these 8 tips from Popular Mechanics’ Matthew Jancer.

Move smart

  1. Tape your boxes with the H-pattern
  2. Pack canned foods and books into small boxes
  3. Color code everything
  4. Pad up the house
  5. Roll out carpet
  6. Prepare your appliances
  7. Leave no space in your boxes
  8. Lay particle board on screws and nailheads

Moving is never easy. It’s both stressful and energy draining. But with these tips, you can easily sort the hectic parts and move into your new home peacefully.

To find out how to handle each step, check out Popular Mechanics’ post.

SOURCE:  Popular Mechanics

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