All hiking trips have something in common: they are memorable experiences. They can be unforgettable for the right reasons, such as the scenery, the camaraderie or the sense of personal accomplishment. Or for the wrong ones, like exhaustion, blisters and sore muscles.

Heaven or Hell?

So how can you make sure your hiking trip is awesome and not nightmarish? In a nutshell, don’t improvise. A hiking trip is not a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. You need to put your thinking cap on and thoroughly plan every aspect of your journey. From choosing the right kind of outing for you and your traveling companion (s) to preparing your backpack, there’s a lot to think about.

Good thing for you, TripSavvy’s Kraig Becker has come up with a 9-step strategy that will help you carefully prepare your trek. Becker steers you in the right direction with pointers on:

  1. Defining your trip style
  2. Choosing your trip
  3. Assessing your physical fitness
  4. Training for your trek
  5. Getting used to carrying gear
  6. Choosing appropriate footwear and clothes
  7. Deciding on the right backpack
  8. Bringing a first aid kit and emergency gear

SOURCE:  TripSavvy

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