Protecting yourself from the online world should be automatic for online users. However, many are required to actually enable advanced safety protocols on their browsers manually! Not doing so can actually put you more at-risk than you may know.

Top features to enable on your browser

As mentioned in GIZMODO’s article, “How to Make Your Web Browser as Secure as Possible”, most options that you can enable will be found on the “advanced security options” within the “security and privacy” settings option of your browser. Top focus points should include:

  • Use a secure DNS: This is the safest browsing option because it allows only a designated network to do so. This limits security breaches.
  • Site settings and permissions: Enabling this means that only certain sites can access our information, including browser information, so that not every site you visit can immediately get access to it.
  • Hide IP address: Your IP address can be masked and hidden to make it so that websites don’t know who or where you are. This is a good idea!

If you’re curious about more information on adding that necessary security, you can find out more here!


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