For kids, their first time on a plane is a big deal. This is even more so for parents, as it means that there’s a lot more prep work that goes into planning for a flight with a little one. It can be a stressful experience, but it simply comes down to proper planning and making sure that you know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Focus on what you’ve got to work with

As mentioned in TripSavvy‘s article, “Air Travel Tips for Parents of Babies and Toddlers”, you don’t necessarily need to buy a lot of new equipment to take your little one on a flight with you. You just need to focus on the key components that will make everything easier all around. Examples include:

  • A carry-on option that is designed for a diaper bag, purse, and backpack for Mom or Dad
  • If bringing a car seat, make sure it’s approved by the FAA or your country’s aviation authority
  • Buy your child a few new toys to enjoy
  • Opt for advanced boarding if possible

The whole point of flying with your child is to give them a sense of adventure without you panicking over the details. Take some of the stress off by looking at TripSavvy‘s full post for more helping hints!

SOURCE: TripSavvy

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