While it’s impossible (alas) to definitively win the battle against dust, there are solutions to delay its reappearance and lighten the dusting chore! To prevent this insidious enemy from nestling everywhere, even in our lungs, here are 11 tips and tricks, courtesy of Apartment Therapy’s Taryn Williford.

How to reduce the amount of dust indoors

  1. Keep windows and doors closed
  2. Groom your pets in easy to clean places
  3. Pack up paper and fabrics
  4. Change your sheets frequently
  5. Buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter
  6. Purchase an air purifier

How to make dusting less of a chore

  1. Cover all surfaces with newspapers
  2. Remove unused fabrics
  3. Dust off your blinds with a sock
  4. Use a dryer sheet
  5. Run a lint roller over lampshades

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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