Eggs are often at the center of the breakfast meal. Their high protein content, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids make them appealing on a nutritious level, while their great taste finishes convincing you to slide them on your plate.

But preparing eggs properly can prove to be challenging for most of us, no matter how long we’ve been cooking. How can you avoid what Spoon University’s Susie Cohen calls “egg disasters”?

10 simple solutions

For starters, you can read her 10 simple solutions for cooking eggs like a master chef. In her recent post, she explains how to make a beautiful egg breakfast by:

  1. Using cookie cutters to make the perfect fried egg
  2. Microwaving your egg in just two minutes
  3. Peeling off a hard-boiled egg shell in cold water
  4. Dropping your egg in a cup of water to check if it’s fresh
  5. Using a water bottle to separate the yolk from the white
  6. Making your eggs in a muffin tin
  7. Scooping out eggshell pieces with an eggshell
  8. Using an ice bath to halt the cooking of hard-boiled eggs
  9. Adding milk to make your eggs fluffier
  10. Combining vegetables with the egg mixture in a blender

These useful tips will make your egg breakfast something special for every family member.

SOURCE:  Spoon University

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