If you suffer from allergies, you know far to well the hassle that irritants bring to your life. Nobody loves sneezing or scratching over and over again, especially in your own house.

“Combating the symptoms of allergies—your family’s red, itchy eyes, scratchy throats and noses that are somehow both stuffy and runny—might be as easy as understanding their source and eliminating them from your home,” says Ariel Scotti from Martha Stewart. “Some of the most common indoor allergens include: dust, mold, insects (dust mites, cockroaches), pollen, pet dander and pollen.

So long, allergens!

Good news, it’s fairly easy to make your house an allergy-free and sneezing-free environment. To help you achieve this, Ms. Scotti suggests a tried and tested approach, which focuses on 4 main areas:

  1. Carry out regular dusting and vacuuming
  2. Keep dust mites away
  3. Take control of mold, especially by cleaning your bathroom
  4. Don’t let outside contaminants in

Your home is your safe haven. Keep it clean with the above tips to make sure you don’t end up having allergic reactions or sneezing the whole time you’re indoors.

For more details on each of these focus areas, read Martha Stewart’s recent post

SOURCE:  Martha Stewart

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