Most of us are being told to stay home where it’s safe from coronavirus, but sometimes life demands get in the way and we have no choice but to head out for a grocery run or another essential errand.

Do you know how to keep yourself safe? As explained in CNET’s post, “10 Practical Tips to Help Avoid Coronavirus When You Leave the House”, the whole goal is to keep skin contact to a minimum.

Cover your skin at all costs

  • Use sleeves or knuckles to push buttons and open doors
  • Don’t sort through produce with your bare hands
  • Keep your phone tucked away as much as possible
  • Avoid paying cash
  • Go for the automatic options as much as possible (elevators, doors, soap dispensers, etc.)

We know that a thorough cleaning with good ol’ soap and water will kill the virus’ structure, but if you’re not sure how to disinfect an item, like a dry-clean-only jacket or pair of boots, setting it aside for three or four weeks is another option.

There are lots more where those came from, so find more support and help in the post published here and do your part to keep yourself safe as much as possible.


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