Anyone who deals with anxiety on a regular basis understands that it can often feel like the end of the world when something seemingly insignificant happens.

Anxiety is normal, but sometimes our reaction to the problem is out of proportion. A lot of times, we are our own worst enemy in the things that we say or don’t say to ourselves during these tense moments.

To help tackle anxiety, it could be helpful to change that negative talk to positive talk instead.

It’s all about perspective

  1. Instead of “I’m stupid”, try to use language like “I made a mistake”.
  2. When anxiety hits, you think “It’s always like this”. Try, instead, to remember that you conquered anxiety last time, so you can do it this time.
  3. You get stuck in the “What if…” spiral. Make sure you focus on the “here and now” instead to keep the panic down.

Two of the best things to remember with anxiety, as stated in Bustle’s “11 Things to Stop Saying to Yourself to Stop Anxiety in Its Tracks”, are staying positive about how you feel, and remembering that it’ll pass.

Anxiety can be a boogie man, but it can also be defeated by putting a positive mindset into place. For more support, check out Bustle’s post.

SOURCE: Bustle

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