You don’t want to forget anything? You want to save time? You wish to offer your sweetheart the perfect gift? And you’d like to receive product recommendations based on your needs and habits?

I can almost hear you thinking… “I have an app for that”. Or apps, plural, to be precise. In my honest opinion, technology can only take you so far. You’re likely going to come up short. But what if you could have a guy (or a gal) for that instead? Wouldn’t that be even better?

Service with a personal twist

Fatherly‘s Joshua A. Krisch certainly thinks so. He relies on the friendly, customized service of several shopkeepers and tradespeople. He has his toy guy, his flower gal, his jewelry guy, his car guy, and his meat guy, to mention but a few.

When I shop for my wife, or my kids, or myself, at one of these vendors there’s a trust — and a genuine concern that does not, and maybe cannot, exist when I stand in line at Target or buy jewelry at a chain store, says Krisch. Having a guy is not just about getting what you want — it’s about building community.

Through the years, Krisch has developed close ties with these local merchants. He values their input and assistance to the point that he decided to share his positive experiences in a wonderful article, “Why You Should Have “A Guy” For That”.

SOURCE:  Fatherly

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