Do you have problems with produce often going bad before you get to eat them? Are your fruits and vegetables rotting quickly on your kitchen counter? Do those that you refrigerate come out tasting mealy?

If you’ve encountered those situations, don’t sweat it: you’re not alone. It’s difficult to have a clear idea of what belongs in the fridge and what does not, given all the conflicting information that’s out there. Your neighbor will say one thing, and a popular website will state the opposite.

How can you make sure you’re doing the right thing? Do you need to memorize everything?

In or Out?

No, of course not. All you need to remember is where each item is located in the produce section of your grocery store. According to Women’s Health, this layout will tell you what should be kept out of the fridge, at room temperature, and what should be refrigerated at all times.

SOURCE:  Women’s Health

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