You’ve just noticed a tear in your window screen. You simply can’t delay fixing this, or else bugs, dirt and debris will rapidly make their way into your home. The first thing that comes to mind is usually either “I have to buy a new screen” or “I’ll just patch up my existing screen”.

Let’s examine both options. The first solution is the more costly one, while the second will end up taking as much time as replacing the whole thing, according to Do it Yourself’s Amy Jensen. Good news is, you can replace only the netting. With just a few tools, you can easily remove the old torn and worn out screen and put in a brand new one.

7 steps to a new screen

Replacing the screen netting is a simple task according to Jensen. All you need to do is follow these 7 steps:

Step 1: Remove the screen

Step 2: Use a screwdriver to remove the rubbery spline

Step 3: Remove the damaged screen

Step 4: Insert the new screen

Step 5: Replace the spline

Step 6: Trim the new screen netting

Step 7: Install the new screen

Done! Your window screen will appear perfectly new. 

For more details on each step, take a look at Do it Yourself’s article.

SOURCE:  Do it Yourself

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