Everyone’s been injured at some point in their life. Accidents can happen to anyone, however careful we are. So it’s no luxury to have basic first aid knowledge for at least the most common injuries.

First Aid 101

I can almost hear you thinking… what are the most frequent injuries I should knowhow to treat? While there’s no conclusive answer to that question, Travel+ Leisure’s Elizabeth Kricfalusi has drawn up her own list and indicates, for each injury, what to do immediately, what not to do, and when to seek medical attention. Check out her recent post to find out how to handle:

  1. A bloody nose
  2. An object in the eye
  3. A sprain
  4. A burn
  5. A hit to the head
  6. Choking
  7. Poisoning
  8. An open wound

Thou shalt not…

Kricfalusi’s article is a real eye-opener, in which she dispels some myths and misconceptions with regard to first aid. Did you know, for instance, that you should not:

  • tilt your head back when your nose is bleeding;
  • work through the pain when you have a sprain;
  • place an ice pack on a burn;
  • give water to someone who’s choking;
  • induce vomiting for poisoning victims;
  • apply ointment to an open wound.

One thing is for sure: whatever the injury, always seek medical attention after the first-aid treatment. This will ensure you receive proper follow-up care.

SOURCE:  Travel+ Leisure

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