Does your closet look more like a laundry basket than an organized wardrobe? Is your dresser overflowing and are your piles of sweaters collapsing? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. The truth is that most of us have been folding clothes the wrong way all our lives.

Join The Fold

To optimize the use of your wardrobe space, it’s essential to know how to fold clothes correctly. Mastering this art has become key for home organization gurus from around the world. Internet, Facebook and Pinterest are teeming with solutions, who often differ greatly from each other. But there are some classics, like the method developed by Marie Kondo.

Inspired by the Japanese storage queen, Stuff‘s Anabela Rea provides a few simple and practical tips that will allow you to:

  • preserve the appearance of your garments;
  • save significant space;
  • have clothes that are always organized and ready to be used
  • have a global view of your apparel in the blink of an eye.

SOURCE:  Stuff

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