Most of us have gone through spring cleaning at some point, but did you know that you can clean a whole lot more than just your bathroom grout? That’s right, you clean your entire life with the right tips and suggestions!

Spring cleaning for the soul

No scrubbing or stress required! As noted in Parents’ article “This Mom’s ‘Life Cleaning’ Ritual Is the Spring Hack All Parents Need”, truly cleaning your life emotionally and mentally is even more important than those bathroom tiles! Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t participate in conversations that you hate having
  2. Let the negativity drift away, remembering the good instead
  3. Only spend time with people who are important to you, not those who drain you

“Taking care of your mental health, experts agree, is a crucial part of positive parenting.”

There’s a whole lot more, too, waiting for you with the right guide! Interested in more information and tips to get to the bottom of your cleaning adventure? Read more here!

SOURCE: Parents

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