Getting a promotion can be quite challenging and daunting. Not only must you excel at your current job, you must also show your boss that you’re up to the task. By consistently exceeding expectations and enhancing your skill set, you’ll be making such a strong case for yourself that the chips may fall into place by themselves.

It isn’t your boss’ responsibility to help you find your dream job—that’s up to you. But when any quality manager sees these attributes in an employee, he’ll want to find new ways to help that person grow (and that often means a promotion).


Climbing the ladder of success

The Muse has prepared a 5-step plan to help you show you’re ready to move up the corporate ladder:

  • consistently do “above and beyond” work;
  • be hungry for growth, not status;
  • work on continuous (self) improvement;
  • look for long-term projects;
  • work on your collaboration skills.

SOURCE:  The Muse

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