While home decluttering is great and certainly something that is important, what about your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or phone? After all, most of us spend hours and hours every single day in our digital homes. Why not help them keep clean and organized by getting to the bottom of digital clutter every once in a while?

It’s not as hard as you think

As noted in PC Mag’s article, “How to Declutter Your PCs, Phones, and Tablets”, there isn’t exactly a lesson in how to kick digital clutter to the curb from our childhood. So, turn here instead of the advice you need to help declutter your favorite technological devices.

  • Delete unused programs and apps: From apps on your tablet and phone to programs on your computer. If you haven’t used something in months, delete it! Same goes for caches and other cookie-related data that you don’t need anymore.
  • Go through your inboxes: Inboxes get cluttered no matter how organized you are. Archive old conversations you need to keep and delete the rest for a clean slate.
  • Weed through your photos and files: Deleting photos and documents can be hard, but upload everything you want to save to your computer (or cloud) and delete the originals on your phone to keep everything organized.

If you’re looking for tips to help you completely declutter your digital home, take a look at PC Mag’s post here.


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