Okay, so we know that you clean your toilet regularly, just like every other responsible adult out there. We know that. But that thing around the toilet makes it look gross and very first-apartment-y. Want to scrub that water ring into oblivion for good? You’re in the right spot.

It isn’t dirt!

As mentioned in Home Hacks’ blog post, “The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains From The Toilet”, the cause of the ring is the fact that you have a lot of harmful, undissolved minerals in your water source, and these minerals leave deposits when the water sits in one place for too long.

The right ingredients

According to the expert, the three main things you’re going to need to rid your toilet of those stains are:

  1. Barkeeper’s Friend: As the name suggests, this is a tough scrubber for those frequently used toilets at bars and pubs. It’s very harmful to your skin, so always use as directed!
  1. Fine grit sanding screens: Think of this as a safe but very thorough scrubber. Make sure you get fine grit, and then cut them into usable squares.
  1. Your fav rubber gloves: This is a must for both the product itself and the fact that, you know, you’re cleaning a toilet.

Need some photos for proof, or want to learn more about the cleaning technique itself? Take a look at the original post and get the right support for a clean toilet!

SOURCE: Home Hacks

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