The Family Handyman presents a series of quick and easy solutions for common household issues.

This article will show you how to:

  • Fix a chair;
  • Lube a sticking vinyl window or door;
  • Fix a shutoff valve;
  • Foam a loose showerhead;
  • Hide a hole with a smoke detector;
  • Keep cabinet doors closed;
  • Silence a squeaky floor;
  • Bleach away a water stain;
  • Fix a wallpaper seam;
  • Restore free flow to a faucet;
  • Unclog a toilet with dish soap;
  • Flush without hang-ups;
  • Remove a stripped screw;
  • Reinforce a drawer front; Cover up a ceiling stain; and
  • Straighten a bent blind.

SOURCE:  The Family Handyman

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