Anyone who’s a fan of fast information knows that Google is perhaps one of the best search engines – okay, the best – out there for helping you get what you need when you need it.

Google has now gone even further to provide fantastic help for you when you’re on the go. Want to know how Google Assistant can help you enjoy your road trip? Keep reading!

It’s all about convenience

Since Google is focused on providing convenience, use it to help make your road trip stress-free and more enjoyable. As CNET explains in their recent article, “4 ways Google Assistant can plan your next day trip”, you can use this helper to offer you information at your fingertips, even away from home.

  • It’ll be a great tour guide to offer extra information when sight-seeing
  • It can help you find cafes and gas stations
  • It’ll give you ETAs

Google is nothing short of amazing, and you can use it to get you ahead next time you’re on the road. Want more? Check out CNET‘s post.


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