There aren’t many people in the professional world who like to negotiate. But knowing how to do it well can save you a lot of burnt bridges, stress, and, of course, bad turnouts.

Negotiating doesn’t have to be something that makes you a ball of dread or anxiety, though. It can be both respectful and effective.

Take a unique perspective

Don’t look at negotiation as getting what you need and want no matter what. See it as an opportunity to be successful in finding a solution that genuinely works for you and them, even if it’s different than you would have thought or planned.

It’s all about being flexible and unique, according to Life Optimizer’s “How to Negotiate Effectively: 11 Proven Tips”. Some solutions include:

  • Understanding their perspective as well as your own
  • Getting to the root of the reason that you are negotiating (what are you really looking for?)
  • Using objective facts and statistics to support your reasoning
  • Don’t fight the people, join together to fight the problem

Even though it seems strange, you and the professional that you’re negotiating with are on the same side. Remembering this can help make the most out of your negotiation for both parties.

For more information, take a look at Life Optimizer’s post here.

SOURCE: Life Optimizer

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