When we see WiFi, we want to connect and start browsing around all our favorite apps. However, safety is key to protecting yourself and your mobile devices.

As outlined in Reader’s Digest’s article, “14 Things You Should Never Do When Using Public Wi-Fi”, you should take a moment to learn about how to be safe so that your public WiFi use remains secure and enjoyable.

Know the dangers

Unfortunately, there are quite a few dangers that could be waiting for you in that free WiFi. Some of the biggest weaknesses are found in financials. Try to avoid the following things just in case:

  • Online shopping or banking
  • Going into sensitive accounts
  • Typing in passwords

These are all sensitive details that can cause a lot of destruction in your life if you allow free access to anyone who wants to see them. Want more tips and tricks? Take a look at Reader’s Digest’s post here.

SOURCE: Reader’s Digest

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