Most of us wake up with a wicked sense of the sleepies and feeling as though we’ve been run over by a truck at some point throughout the night. All of our motivations to tackle that massive “to-do” list that we thought about last night instantly disappear as we snuggle back into the blankets or, begrudgingly, shuffle toward the coffee maker.

But, what if it was possible to wake up feeling excited or motivated or actually tackle the list? What if hitting the ground with endless motivation for your day’s activities was actually possible? Maybe it is!

It’s all about prep

The key to success, according to a recent post in Ladders, is designing a plan the night before. The best part is, making this plan is easier than you think. Helpers include:

  • Remove the convenience of staying in bed
  • Take the time to understand what your top 3 priorities are in the morning
  • Take decision fatigue out of the picture

For more morning helpers, take a look at Ladders‘ post and make each morning a success.

SOURCE: Ladders

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