Even for the most experienced traveler, being the perfect guest can sometimes take a little bit more effort than you would think. There are new locations for things, new rules, and new faux-pas as well.

If you want a heads-up on how to be a good house guest, or just want a refresher, take a look at some realistic tips to help you.

Remember that your host is in charge

No matter how long you’re staying, your host is in charge. As mentioned in Dummies‘ article, “How To Be A Welcome Guest By Being A Clean Guest”, you should always ask for clarification on rules before you encounter a situation (for example: you would ask “Are shoes worn in the house?” upon entering the house itself).

Here are a few key points to focus on as a guest:

  • Move slowly and watch for toys or ornaments that may be placed in “strange” locations
  • If you make a mess, clean it up
  • If you break something, replace it immediately
  • Always assume that you should use coasters/mats/trivets, etc.

Not everyone is going to be frustrated if you put your sweaty drink straight on the table, for example, but you should never assume anything when you’re a guest in someone’s home.

Even if your host tells you repeatedly to relax and simply do whatever you want, they’ll always appreciate your attention to respecting their home, even if they don’t admit to it!

Need more tips? Take a look at the post here.

SOURCE: Dummies

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