No one has time to clean their house like the pros do… or do they? To help you get that stunning, fresh, jaw-dropping clean that you’ve always wanted, you should turn to professionals to help you get the right kind of advice to get just that.

And the best way to get that clean home you’ve dreamed of us is to ask the professionals what their tricks are, according to “12 DIY Hacks Only Professional Cleaners Know”, published in Money.

Who knew the “tricks of the trade” could be so simple?

Professional level cleaning that’s simple

When cleaning your home, it feels like professional level cleaning would require professional level tools, but a lot of the best tips are actually pretty simple.

  • Clean from the ceiling, down
  • Rub white chalk to grease stains
  • Drag the vacuum slowly instead of pushing it forward
  • Use your kitchen supplies in the laundry room

Your home will be able to sparkle and shine like you stepped into a magazine. You just need to know which tips will help you do it all with no effort.

For more help and tips, take a look at the post published in Money.


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