Whether it’s spring cleaning, or getting acquainted with Marie Kondo, there’s a huge focus on decluttering our homes and lives.

Whether you’re a fan of decluttering or are just looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon, consider the idea of going through your computer and making sure that you know what’s there.

Yes, even in the dusty “Untitled document” corners.

It’s all about streamlining

As The American Genius states in their recent article, “How to Marie Kondo your digital desktop (and become a genius)”, having digital clutter can be as distracting and stressful as having a huge pile of clutter on your desk. Some options to help, which are actionable, are:

  • Go through all of your folders and keep only the relevant project files
  • Delete photos that have people you don’t see anymore in them
  • Turn off your inner hoarder

There’s no question that it can be hard to part with documents, photos or emails that you may possibly need in the future for 5 seconds, in 10 years’ time, but do you really need them?

Learn more about digital decluttering with The American Genius‘ post.

SOURCE: The American Genius

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