Car insurance rates and their hikes are a common frustrating topic around the water cooler. As the rates continue to rise, a lot of smart shoppers are looking for ways to lower the rates as much as possible. There are some alternative options to shopping elsewhere for your insurance rates, however, and this may help with your problem.

Focus on long-term habits

While it may take some time for these tips to work, they could help your insurance rates cool off even as others rise. Better yet, they may stay cool. The trick, as noted in The Simple Dollar’s article, “Car Insurance Rates Are Up – Here Are Eight Ways to Get Yours Back Down”, is to focus on quality differences to your policy and profile. Some options include:

  • Improving your credit score
  • Buying a used car instead of a new one
  • Pay your insurance policy in full at the beginning of a new year
  • Bundle your policy for savings

There’s no simple solution to solve all of your insurance problems. But when you know what to focus on, you can help keep the rates down. Need more suggestions? Take a look at The Simple Dollar’s article here for more help.

SOURCE: The Simple Dollar

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