Travelling brings new risks and rewards, particularly to those with food allergies. If you’re going to be visiting a new country with a language barrier, you’ll want to know that you can communicate allergy information easily and accurately! Here are some tips.

It’s all about doing your research

As explained in Lifehacker’s post, “The Easiest Way to Communicate Your Food Allergies When Travelling”, you don’t need to speak the language to be able to communicate basic food allergens. Just think about learning the basis to look and watch for. This includes:

  • Translating your allergies into the foreign language
  • Learning what the words look and sound like so that you can pay attention
  • Relying on online resources focused on common allergies
  • Learning how to ask for help regarding treatment

It’s our responsibility to be able to stay safe when travelling, even with respect to food allergies. Do your part by taking the precautions you can before you get on the plane! If you’re looking for more information or want more tips, you can find it here!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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