Conversations can be hard, but ending them can be even harder. In fact, as mentioned in Well + Good’s article, “12 Tips for How to End a Conversation Instead of Dying a Thousand Deaths in Moments of Awkward Silence”, some people hate ending them so much that they just won’t have them in the first place!

Want to learn to do it right? You’re in the right spot.

Know what your goal is

To help you enjoy these, the goal is to sort out what you most want to achieve when it comes to the conversation end. For example:

  • I need to get out: Say you need to go to the bathroom or catch a bus. It implies urgency.
  • I’m going to be late: Let the person know you have to go but you look forward to talking again in the future.
  • I’m holding you up: Thank the person for their time and say “I’ll let you get back to that now” or something similar.

The goal should always be to end it firmly, but in a way that you can feel good about! Need more tips? Just want to know a bit more about your goal? You can see more information here.

SOURCE: Well + Good

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