We’ve all see the TV shows where bored professionals zone out in meetings as bosses drone on and on about graphs and charts. But what if there were a way to take the boredom out of these situations and fill them with useful results that prove time well spent in a boardroom?

The Muse answered this question in their article, “10 Questions to Help You Run an Effective Meeting (Because No One Wants to Waste Their Time)” for this purpose entirely.

Productivity comes in three stages

According to The Muse, the best way to have a successful meeting is to concentrate on three focus areas, two of which are commonly ignored.

  • Before the meeting
  • During the meeting
  • After the meeting

From preparation to engagement within the boardroom to making sure that everyone has the action plan after the meeting closes, an engaging and successful meeting can be done by putting attention to these three areas individually. Each of these areas has a set of requirements and questions to help keep the meeting productive and engaging from all sides.

Find out more details in The Muse’s post to get started in your own boardroom.

SOURCE: The Muse

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