Now that the new year is here and we’re feeling motivated to actually do something with our lives, the time has come to take a step back and realize what, exactly, that is going to entail. For those that are looking to be productive in their lives instead of wasting time on pointless Tumblr posts or scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling through Instagram, there are options.

Taking it one step at a time

As MakeUse Of’s article, “7 Simple Online Productivity Habits That Can Change Your Year”, explains, the key to a better year is to be more productive. This gives you energy and it’ll make your time even more productive as a result. Tips include:

  • Limit your time on social media
  • Try to carve your work day into scheduled segments
  • Use the internet to learn a new skill

Even at first glance, these tips seem smart and, you know, actually do-able! So, why not take a look at MakeUse Of’s full article and make your life all the more productive? It’s easier than you think!


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