Being a parent is often a lot of work, and when it comes to dealing with a new baby in the household, it can be especially challenging. If you are looking for a way to help your baby get some sleep, you certainly aren’t alone. The sleep schedule of a baby can be one of the hardest things to master, but it is possible.

Work with them instead of against them

As mentioned in Fatherly‘s article, “How to Help a Baby Sleep”, a lot of parents assume that babies can be adapted to match a traditional 8-hour sleep schedule, but it’s not really that easy. You need to cater more to their needs instead of your own. However, you can help your little one get associated with a schedule if you go about it the right way. Some tips include:

  • Associate a certain activity with sleep time (for example, rocking in a chair)
  • Stick to a schedule in timing and don’t deviate from it
  • When you find what makes your baby sleepiest, use it at bedtime (and only at bedtime)

While babies often take a lot of effort, especially in terms of a sleep schedule, it is possible to get them – and you – enjoying better sleep.

Need more help? Find more information in Fatherly‘s article here!

SOURCE: Fatherly

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