Do you know any children who don’t like playing outside? We sure don’t. But when it comes to spending the night outdoors, some kids tend to be afraid, while others show no interest at all. If camping trips are part of your DNA, you need to instill this passion at a very young age.

That’s exactly what Fatherly contributor Krista Langlois and her husband did. Their experience was so successful that she decided to share seven of her tips to gradually get kids interested in family camping outings.

Kids who spend time outdoors are physically and emotionally healthier, sleep better, and have more self-confidence, among other benefits. Plus, family camping trips offer a great opportunity to bond with your child and develop lasting memories.

1. Begin at home

Pitch a tent in your backyard or somewhere in your house and pretend you’re actually camping away from home.

2. Start early and do it frequently

Expose your kids to camping at a tender age so they’ll grow up knowing it and, most probably, liking it.

3. Integrate camping in your life

Make camping a part of your life so it becomes less stressful, both for you and your kids.

4. Lower your expectations

Don’t worry about changing your schedule and routine. “Go with the flow”, says Langlois.

5. Allow kids to get dirty

Let them build their immune system and not be as clean as usual. No one’s going to suffer from that.

6. Stay away from the crowds

Try going away in the off-season or on weekdays, if possible, and avoid busy campgrounds.

7. Keep it simple

Accept the fact that you can’t bring everything from home.

For more details about each tip, check out Fatherly’s post.

SOURCE:  Fatherly

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