While TV shows often make us think that workplaces are always buddy-buddy, the truth is that there are plenty of fights and conflicts in real life, and that these can have a really serious impact on our work-based lives. To keep everyone happy and healthy, you’ll want to focus on managing conflict effectively on both sides.

Tips for a conflict-free work environment

Take it from ReadWrite’s post, “How to Manage Conflict at Work”, the main aspects to focus on include:

  • Keep the office a safe space: During a fight or issue, the office should always be a safe space where there are no threats or negativity allowed. This rule should be made clear shortly after the employee is hired, repeated regularly and enforced, so that everyone knows that they’re safe.
  • Stay away from accusatory language: As emotions get heightened, people start to blame each other. Make sure language steers clear of accusations or blame. Keep it focused on the problem itself.
  • Anticipate a conflict before it happens: If possible, try to predict a potential situation before it happens, or catch it before it escalates, and mitigate it. This saves tremendous time, as well as emotional distress for all parties.

For more support and help, take a look at ReadWrite’s article here!

SOURCE: ReadWrite

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