Geraniums delight our gardens, balconies and terraces throughout the summer. But these lovely subtropical plants cannot tolerate frost. So, either you let them freeze in the fall, even if it means buying new plants in the spring, or you bring them indoors for the winter.

Geranium survival 101

Now, this is important… If you want to have the chance to see your geraniums bloom again the following spring, you need to provide them very special care.

But where to start? Easy: by following the 5-step plan shared by The Spruce’s Marie Iannotti:

  1. Bring geraniums inside before the first frost
  2. Perform an initial inspection and routine
  3. Overwinter geraniums as cuttings
  4. Store geraniums dormant– potted or bare root
  5. Revive dormant geraniums in the spring

Geraniums are beautiful plants that you will not want to let die off because of the frosty winter season. With these tips, you can overwinter your geraniums and revive them over the spring months with no stress at all.

To know what to do at each step, check out The Spruce’s recent post.

SOURCE: The Spruce

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