Going camping is great, but do you know how to put out a fire properly? Most of us don’t, and simply allow for a fire to go out on its own long after we’ve gone to bed.

As mentioned in Outside’s article, “The Right Way to Put Out Your Campfire”, learning how to put out the fire properly is critical for everyone’s safety, because campfires are often responsible for large and out of control forest fires.

It takes time

The key to putting out your fire properly is to give yourself the time to do it. You can’t just throw a half-hearted cup of water on the fire. You need to take the time to put it out correctly, and that takes planning.

  • Have lots of water on hand
  • Let the fire die down ahead of time
  • Be sure it’s out

Water is key to putting out a fire properly, but so is time. You’ll want to make absolutely sure that your fire is out before leaving it. If you need more details on those steps, take a look at Outside’s full post here!

SOURCE: Outside

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