Traveling is a whole lot of fun, but no one has “Get lost” while exploring on their bucket list. If you are nervous about taking on that new city, rely on some tried-and-tested tips to keep you safe.

Wander-friendly tips in a new city

As mentioned in Men’s Journal’s piece, “5 Simple Tips for Exploring a New City Without Getting Lost”, you don’t need to put yourself at risk by getting hopelessly lost in a new place. Not only does it waste time, but it can also be harmful! Stay safe with these tips:

  • Take a guided tour: Offered with a discount in most hotels, you can get a feel for the main sights and landmarks with a group and make sure that you at least recognize a few things if you are wandering later.
  • Travel with a card from your hotel: If you need to ask for directions, knowing the civic address of your hotel can really make the difference. Always have one or two on you.
  • Climb to new heights: Get a bird’s eye view by climbing up high somewhere and getting a feel for the city’s layout. Knowing the number of blocks and the general direction can help when you are in the middle of a jungle!

Maps can help you gain your bearings, but getting a real-life view of what you’re looking at on paper will help it all sink in. Identify key landmarks, neighborhoods and geographic features to keep yourself orientated when you drop back into the maze.

Feeling a little more confident? Find even more tips for enjoying your adventure in the complete article, posted here.

SOURCE: Men’s Journal

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