Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in offices, around the world. Almost all trades require Excel at some point.

While massively used, Microsoft’s spreadsheet is not always mastered beyond its main formulas. Yet Excel is brimming with hidden features, unsuspected resources, and unknown techniques.

With a little bit of practice, it’s perfectly possible for most anyone to squeeze the most out of Excel,” says Hillel Fuld, a tech marketer and startup adviser. “It’s come a long way since the ’80s.

Case in point, Fuld provides in his recent post on Inc. handy tips you can use, either in your personal or professional life, to get more done with Excel.

5 features to get the most out of MS Excel

  1. Create a customized calculator
  2. Use its different accounting functions
  3. Transform numbers into charts and graphs
  4. Map out daily calendars and schedules
  5. Retrieve live data from the Web

If you put a little effort into it, MS Excel can save you a lot of time and seriously increase your productivity. This apparently simple tool has a lot hidden under the hood. It can make your work easier than you could ever imagine.

For details on each one of these 5 features, check out Inc.’s article.


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