Not everyone has the chance or the means to buy an iPhone with 64, 128 or even 256 GB of storage. So, most of us will eventually encounter an insufficient storage space issue. When that happens, you can forget about buying music, movies, digital books or, even worse, taking pictures until you clear space in your phone.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to make room on your device. ZDNet has come up with 9 easy hacks and tips to make sure you never miss anything or regret having deleted precious content:

  1. Rely on stock apps
  2. Make cloud storage your best friend
  3. Stream rather than store media
  4. Take control of your photos
  5. Tame your video
  6. Delete unnecessary apps
  7. Rely on external storage
  8. Keep track of your storage usage
  9. Set your messages to auto-delete

Having an iPhone with no space is like having a broken-down car. It will always stress you out. But with these simple steps, you will have your iPhone running as smoothly as a brand-new Mercedes.

To learn how to apply these 9 steps, take a look at ZDNet’s post.


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