Most of us spend too much time struggling with our email accounts, and it can seriously eat up what precious free time that we have. Not to mention add extra frustration to our days that are already stressful and busy. Now you can use these simple tips to help you save time, effort and energy, and still get everything done!

It’s all about planning

As noted in Komando’s article, “5 smart Gmail tricks to save you time and keep your emails private”, most of the changes are going to be in your ability to plan and organize your online life. For example:

  • Create tasks: You can now create tasks right in your email account and use those to help you see what’s on your list for sending email. It can be great for getting things out on time, without having to remember what they are.
  • Use templates: Create template emails that you can customize quickly and easily however you need to use them. They will help you save time while maintaining the same professionalism and detail that you crave!
  • Schedule emails: If you feel you’re going to worry about sending an email at the right time, schedule it for a later day. That way it’ll send when it’s supposed to, even if you don’t click the “send” button yourself.

While it seems so simple, little changes like these really do add a lot of positives to your day. Do you want more tips and tricks to make the most out of your email duties? Read more here!

SOURCE: Komando

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